Our Joe Biden flag is made of lightweight polyester, malleable, and full-color digital printing graphics through thermal transfer. These custom flags perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


The Biden flags adopt the latest logo design, which is very suitable for hanging on the banner on the wall. The pattern is bright and vibrant. 100% polyester fiber is a high-quality material, soft, durable, abrasion-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, weather-resistant, and has a long service life.


With excellent color matching, the Biden flag matches the classic American flag color, quickly attracting attention. Perfect for flagpoles, porches, fences, or places to walk on roads.

The high-quality Biden flag is enough to express your mood or political thoughts and show your support for Biden.


Polyester Outdoor Custom Pole Flags

Brand and model: Sign Leader Display Custom Pole Flags

REG Price: From $38.00



1. Graphic

Signleader offers you both- single and two-sided flag printing. Based on your budget, you can choose the single-sided or double-sided option while placing your online flag order here:


a. Double-sided pole flags are the most visible and effective form of teardrop flags, giving you the ability to print your design on both sides. Each side can be the same or different, depending on your needs. We recommend double-sided for all your teardrop flags, as it provides the most vibrant and noticeable graphics from any direction.


b. Single-sided pole flags are printed on one side only. As a result, the design is “print through”, which means that your design will be slightly visible from the backside. Single-sided is not as effective as double sided but is more cost-sensitive.


2. Base

Choices for bases include flag pole and bracket:


a. The Flag Pole and Bracket Kit: The Flag Pole and Bracket Kit is perfect for those wishing to display their Custom Pole Flag. Buy the pole or the bracket separately or as a set.


b. Bracket: The bracket has two positions for displaying the pole.


1.Open woven structure reduces wind resistance

2.Prevent UV

3.Prevent the dye from oozing out and migrating from the flag

4.The colors are carefully designed to keep bright for a long time

5.made in America

6.Fast turnaround

7.Free design


Custom pole flag set is classified as the best flag pole set, you can customize the size and graphic design. Flags can be installed in front of houses, yards, or garden areas.


In addition, the custom pole flag can also be used as a wonderful gift for others, and can also be used for residential or commercial purposes. Custom pole flags with Biden graphic print with an aluminum flagpole, and provide maximum durability. The flagpole can withstand a variety of different weather conditions, even storms. The aluminum flagpole is rust-resistant because it has a protective coating on the outside of the flagpole to add an elegant appearance.


Finally, you can purchase a custom flag kit or choose among various accessory options. You can completely customize these advertising flags. Click here to see more details of the custom banners.

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