At present, the setting of outdoor advertising relies on the development of the city and is related to the planning of the city to find the position of outdoor advertising. Teardrop flags can be continuously enriched with the needs of the scene and can be extended indefinitely with the help of various forms of expression. Custom teardrop flags increase consumers' reach and influence on advertisements. Setting teardrop flags can form a visual impact, further form attention and brand love, to help your business grow.

What are the advantages of the teardrop flags?

1. Customized and cheap

The teardrop flags are shaped like a tear. Its display screen is wider and can display more detailed information. The teardrop flags are always presented in a tight state in various environments. This makes the advertising display more visual impact, and personalized creativity can resonate with the audience. Retailers or advertising agencies in various industries can order customized teardrop flags, outdoor signs, and COVID-19 signs from Signleader. Low price, high quality, free shipping, fast turnaround, free design, or use the free design tools on our website to personalize the artwork online. We are committed to bringing customers the best user experience.

2. Targeted, easy to assemble and carry 

The teardrop flags can be customized according to your business's unique logo, various campaign marketing texts, attractive images, colors, and various creative design elements. We offer print on-demand services. Teardrop flag banners are targeted to match the themes and event marketing related to your activities. It is very simple to assemble and the whole process only takes a few minutes. Due to the lightweight structure of the teardrop flags, it has strong portability and can be moved at any time according to your business location.

3. Durability, weather resistance

There are many options for the base of the teardrop flags, such as square base, cross, water bag and so on. The base and flagpole are made of a mixture of aluminum tube and glass fiber, which is strong and durable. It can withstand all kinds of bad weather conditions has strong wind resistance, which is very suitable for display in strong winds and beaches.

4. Cost-effective

The teardrop banners are cheap, but it can be displayed 24/7, without repeated display costs. Different from the expensive CPC and CPM, the teardrop flag is still an effective method of outdoor advertising. Not only covers a wide area but also maximizes the benefits of outdoor advertising. With the popularization of big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, smart cities are the golden age of outdoor advertising development. Teardrop banners outdoor advertising plays an important role.

What scenarios does the teardrop flags apply to?

Teardrop flags are often used as permanent outdoor advertising devices in retail stores to promote event sales or new product promotion. The wind-resistant nature of teardrop flags makes them popular on the beach, so they are also called beach flags. Enhance audiences’ awareness of the brand by adding unique and attractive elements to your outdoor promotions.

How can teardrop banners help your business grow?

1.   Set up teardrop flag banners with your company logo and promotional sales information outside your retail business area to help you attract a wider audience and increase traffic. The long-term advertising of teardrop banners can be reused with only one cost budget, saving expensive digital marketing advertising costs. The display of outdoor teardrop flag signs advertisements can give customers more real perception and experience, which is beneficial to promote the purchase conversion rate, and to a certain extent can stimulate impulsive consumption. This will benefit the sustainable development of your physical retail industry.

2.   Teardrop flags are set on the outdoor yards of open houses and on the sidewalks leading to your property. The flag banners with contact information related to your house for sale can also maintain their integrity in the wind. Attract more potential customers to your agent property area. By setting up teardrop flags display, your open house can be expanded around the property center to increase its visibility in the entire community. This is an effective strategy.

3.   In your beach event marketing, set up custom teardrop flags that match your company's image for advertising display. They can be kept tight in the windy seaside, making the image advertising of your company more professional and visually impactful.


Signleader Display can provide resources and support for your business advertising at any time. During the special period of COVID-19, we provide various custom flags, and anti-epidemic signs to help various industries remind your employees and customers to conduct business more safely while preventing new coronary pneumonia. We provide free online design tools, you can customize your artwork, or use our free design service. We are committed to do our best in production and service, and bring customers the best user experience.

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