Print on demand is very suitable for merchants with many different marketing purposes. Small batch printing has strong flexibility. This means that merchants can reduce inventory and avoid waste caused by overstocking or unfavorable cash flow. On demand printing can save more money during marketing activities. Geographical mapping enables you to use crawler analysis tools to search for areas to find your ideal audience. The combination of on-demand printing and geographic mapping is the best choice for your next marketing project. This will help you save inventory costs and avoid accumulating obsolete inventory that lags behind marketing.

Why is the combination of on-demand printing and geographic mapping the biggest trend in the next marketing project?

Integrate geographic location into social event marketing

For marketers, the value of the geographic location is obvious, and marketers can analyze target users based on specific locations. Digital marketing has always played an important role in brand building and recognition, thereby allowing customers to enter commercial channels. Marketers can make full use of the value of geographic location to achieve marketing goals and effectively increase sales. Starbucks is doing very well in this regard..

Location sharing is a highly trustworthy behavior. In fact, the only way for geolocation technology to enter the mainstream is brand trust.

Nike's running community is a good example. Use geographic location information to share information about successfully running tasks on Facebook and Twitter. Participants can share achievements with friends, and they can also establish new relationships in the Nike+ community. Demonstrate athletic ability and prove that your achievements are sufficient to motivate users to share personal information with Nike.

Yelp has also successfully incorporated geographic location into its marketing strategy. The reviewer logs in and reviews the restaurant, and then the system automatically recommends the review information of the restaurant to the user, so that the user can mold himself into an authoritative gourmet expert. Such titles will also incentivize users to provide their own geographic privacy.

Therefore, geographic location mapping can help you make decisions based on potential traffic or activity concentration.

Combination of print on demand and geographic location strategy

Choosing to print on demand belongs to the marketing ecology category. Every round of technological innovation will bring about disruptive changes in marketing production methods, communication methods, and marketing methods. Keeping supply to a minimum will help your business avoid future waste due to unused materials. This can also be extended to reduce the transportation costs of working with multiple suppliers. You can customize the latest images, texts, and company logos to ensure that your marketing activities are welcomed. Geographical mapping allows marketers to analyze data by geographic location and customize logo banners in geographic location services to lead to your business operations center. This will make the audience more precise, thereby increasing more business sales opportunities.

Why are many retailers or agents addicted to Signleader's on-demand printing of banner flags custom? How did they start to customize their business on demand?

1.Rich printing experience

First of all, Signleader has many years of experience in the custom printing industry, helping many companies customize and print countless event marketing logo banners. All over the world, various event marketing, such as trade show booth display, various festivals, open days, grand opening ceremonies, real estate, automobiles, fitness clubs, various outdoor events, beach activities, golf courses, restaurants, bars, office buildings, banks, and concerts, etc. Signleader is an outstanding printing supplier, you can choose our on-demand customized service to start your new marketing strategy in 2020.

2.Advanced large-format printer and excellent team

Signleader provides a variety of different indoor and outdoor custom flag banners, which can basically meet various occasions. We use world-class large-format printers to break through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and achieve a single print without the need for plate making and full-color images at one time. It is an alternative to traditional printers. Complete a full color pattern or a pattern with too much color at one time, with beautiful colors, realistic effects, waterproof images, sun protection, strong abrasion resistance, non-fading, and stable performance. Accurate positioning and wide compatibility. This allows customized logos and slogans to be printed with high quality and strong weather resistance. Products can be customized according to customers, fully displaying their brand activity information, satisfying various occasions, and even the display of residences and yards can attract people's attention. Signleader's feather flag and teardrop flag are one of the most popular outdoor signs.

One of the reasons why Signleader can become an excellent supplier is to have an excellent team, including senior managers, engineering technology, IT, market strategists, designers, production, and customer service, etc. Give customers the best production and service experience.

3.Free design service, convenient online design tool

Whether it is a retailer, an agent, a business or non-marketing customers who are planning to start printing on demand in 2020, you can use our free online design tool for personalization including your company’s logo, event logo images, and Text, choose the theme you like to make. Or directly use the ready-made templates of our website to make your design artwork to meet your various indoor or outdoor event sign banner custom. From now on, feel the joy of custom flags. In the remaining few months of 2020, seize the opportunity and find a new direction in the challenge. The combination of on-demand printing and geo-location strategy has made a breakthrough in their business.

4.Fast turnaround time, free delivery

Signleader's print on demand service is oriented to bring you the best user experience. After receiving the order, the design artworks are determined and quickly produced. Generally, it is shipped and sent out on the next working day after the order is placed.

Breakthrough the market bottleneck and open the way for business expansion. Today, when media fragmentation is very serious, consumers’ attention continues to be decentralized on different platforms. Many people find that outdoor advertising, one of the oldest forms of advertising media, has close contact with consumers and has a high reach rate. The advantages are constantly being reflected. According to forecasts, the average growth rate of outdoor advertising will reach 4%, becoming one of the largest contributors to the growth of advertising spending after digital and TV advertising. Therefore, from now on planning to custom printed flag banners on demand, Signleader can always support you!

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