The virus spreads from person to person, mainly when the infected person is in close contact with others. The successful outcome of social distancing and other restrictions is highly dependent on social acceptance and the restrictions that come with it. The social uncertainty caused by months of the blockade is a challenge for companies. With the reopening of business, ensuring the safety of employees and customers is a crucial link. How the industry adapts to change through innovative technologies and how to conduct research that can establish the next norm. Companies should incorporate sneeze shields into your organization's strategic plan as soon as possible. Signleader Display provides a variety of transparent sneeze shields for corporate groups to help you reduce the highly contagious COVID-19.

As masks have become the norm in the post-global pandemic world, setting up a transparent sneeze barrier in the workplace not only provides additional security for employees and customers, but companies must be willing to adapt and flexibly maintain their operating methods.

Where can I install a sneeze shield barrier?

Retail spaces, checkout counters, salons, restaurants, cafes, banking, offices, public waiting areas, hotels, and other commercial places, and even public places such as airports.


Where can I buy a transparent sneeze shield?

1. Signleader Display online shopping websites can directly order a variety of different sizes of sneeze shields.

2. Within 3 Business Days(Approved Before 2 pm PST) fast turnaround.

3. Fashionable appearance, Free Shipping,

4. Up to 20 Off for purchases of 3 or more

5. Purchase our sneeze protector series to enhance customer experience and improve workplace safety. Our high-quality transparent sneeze barrier will add extra security to your workspace and will benefit your customers and your team.

What sneeze guards available?

1Adjustable & portable transparent screen sneeze shield

2. 3×7.5ft and 4×7.5ft sneeze shield transparent barrier

3. Retractable transparent sneeze guard stand with an economic base

4. Rolled up transparent sneeze guard banner stand with a luxurious base


Adjustable & portable sneeze shield attribute characteristics:

1. Multiple size options

2. Sturdy & adjustable aluminum tube black bracket

3. 0.3mm Thick Soft PVC 450 GSM (+/- 10 GSM)

4. The size of the bracket can be adjusted according to the application requirements of different places to adapt to the business of different organizations

5. Easy and convenient installation of the kit

6. Use ethanol disinfectant to wipe the PVC panel

7. You can buy directly online and enjoy quantity discounts

8. Fast Turnover Within 3 Business Days

9. Delivery from the US, free shipping


3×7.5ft and 4×7.5ft sneeze shield transparent barrier properties characteristics:

1. 3×7.5ft and 4×7.5ft size kit options

2. Aluminum frame

3. Heavy base

4. 0.3mm Thick Soft PVC 450 GSM (+/- 10 GSM)

5. The installation process is simple and fast

6. PVC screen is resistant to chemical corrosion, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance

7. The size of the frame cannot be adjusted

8. Perfect for any business place

9. The kit can be ordered online, only the picture, or only the stand

10.Purchase 2 pieces to save 10%, and purchase 3 pieces up to 20% OFF


Attributes and characteristics of the retractable transparent sneezing guard standing stand:

1. 31.5”×79” and 33.5”×79” size kit options

2. The economic base and luxury base available

3. Durable aluminum bracket

4. 450 M/0.3mm Clear Vinyl Roll-up Film

5. The retractable transparent sneeze shield can be used on any occasion to help realize face-to-face conversations with customers and friends again.

6. Welcome to order in bulk and enjoy quantity discounts.


The CDC and FDA also strongly recommend the use of sneeze protection devices in public places to effectively prevent the spread of respiratory droplets that cause diseases. Signleader has a transparent sneeze protective shield that is easy to assemble and easy to clean, suitable for various occasions. Choose from mobile, desktop, and standing sneezing guards to find the most suitable application for your organization's needs and stop the spread of COVID-19.



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