Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, more and more public places install such physical barriers to protect employees and customers from bacteria and viruses. Signleader Display has created a variety of sneeze shields to help maintain social distancing and protect your employees and customers.

The evolution of the sneeze shield

The sneeze shield is a simple separation system designed to act as an isolation barrier between various areas. These sneeze guards perfect for counters and food display areas, to ensure that viruses and bacteria will not spread between cashiers and customers, and to prevent display food from being contaminated. Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, it is recommended to install transparent sneeze shields in public places to create a safe and shared space to help maintain social distance and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

What portable sneeze guard stands does Signleader Display available?

Signleader innovatively developed 4 portable sneeze guard stands and adjustable public automatic infrared induction hand sanitizer dispenser banner holder kit in response to the health crisis of COVID-19 based on a variety of mature products.

The following will introduce 4 portable sneeze guard stands. You can also directly click the product below to purchase. Free shipping, fast turnaround, and bulk quantity discounts available.

1.   Adjustable Sneeze Guard Shield Portable Transparent Screen Stand



Adjustable Buckle Tube Aluminum Frame

0.3mm Thick Soft PVC 450 GSM (+/- 10 GSM)



Strong flexibility, can adapt to different environmental needs.

Application: Perfect for any occasion, including medical institutions, schools, offices, delicatessens, restaurants, gyms, retail stores, and grocery stores, checkout or checkout counters, post offices, banks, pharmacies, warehouse workstations, salon shops, Casinos, and other commercial venues. Locations between stations, even at airports or public transportation locations, etc.


2.  Retractable Sneeze Shield Transparent Banner Stand with Economical Base



Retractable Aluminum Frame with Economic Base

Roll up frame

450 GSM/0.3mm Clear Vinyl Roll-up Film

Easy to install and can fix the clear PVC panel to the sneeze guard Standing base, and PVC transparent panel

Professional appearance, US delivery, fast turnover, free shipping, order now!


3.   Sneeze Guard Stand PVC Clear Screen Isolation Protective Barrier Shields



Buckle Tube Aluminum Frame

0.3mm Thick Soft PVC 450 GSM (+/- 10 GSM)

A heavy-duty base plate

Install. process only takes a few minutes

Free Standing

Role: Sneeze shield retractable banner stands can help keep social distancing to improve safety and hygiene.

Application: Perfect for various public business places and public transportation places


4.   Retractable Sneeze Clear Screen Banner Stand with Deluxe Base


1. Retractable Aluminum Frame with Deluxe Base

2. 450 GSM/0.3mm Clear Vinyl Roll-up Film

3. Role: Sneeze shields help maintain social distancing and distance between people while preventing droplets and sneezing.

4. We usually offer sizes of 31.5x79 and 33.5x79 inches, and welcome bulk orders, you can contact us for a bigger discount.

5.Perfect for any public business places and public transportation places.

After more COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide, evidence-based decision-making must be followed when fighting the disease, especially in confined environments. Therefore, it is very important to install portable & adjustable sneeze guard stands indoors. Portable & retactable sneeze guard stand is the ideal barrier solution to show customers and employees that you care about their health. Sneeze shields can help maintain a distance from society to improve safety and hygiene.


Signleader Display provides adjustable, portable and retractable transparent free-standing sneeze guard stands to help you create a safe working environment and protect the safety and health of employees and customers. These multifunctional devices are very easy to install and  help prevent the spread of coronavirus. You can choose the leader to display different sizes of sneeze guard holder potable kit solutions.


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