Custom trade show booths can convey related products about your brand and also help provide services that can be provided. No matter what your main selling point is, a trade show booth must highlight this feature and attract potential customers.


As with any marketing or public relations event, it is important to know that your return on investment can be improved by participating in the conference. Then design an attractive trade show booth to increase the brand impression, convey brand information, create sales leadership, promote new products, establish customer relationships, and so on. The various trade show booths provided by Sign Leader Display can achieve these goals. Basically, before the start of the exhibition, ensure that the exhibition booth is highly publicized. You will see a large number of potential customers and existing customers visiting your booth. It is important to design/choose a trade show booth that can accommodate all these people.


10ft trade show booth is the most popular way to create a graphic backdrop to promote your products and services. We have selected a variety of 10ft trade show displays, portable backdrop banner stands, and trade show exhibits to meet your trade display needs.


Choose a stylish and modern trade show booth, Sign Leader Display offer high-end appearance, sturdy and durable tension fabric displays. Based on your business goals or the products/services you want to promote, you need to determine a certain type of trade show stand that will bring you the highest return on investment. The type and design of the exhibition booth you get may greatly affect your image at the exhibition and the reaction of potential consumers.


Sign Leader Display’s Custom Trade Show Displays

10ft straight/curved trade show booth with custom graphic print. This kit includes 1pc straight/curved 10ft curved & collapsible aluminum trade show backwall display with zippered heat transfer printing tension fabric graphic, 1pc cute rectangular podium with custom graphic print, and 2pcs trade show display LED Lights with Clips.



8ft,10ft trade show booths are available.



l  Fire Retardant Fabric Printing.

l  Machine Washable.

l  Reusable & Recyclable.

l  10ft Straight/Curved & Collapsible Aluminum Snap Tube Frame.

l  High Resolution Zippered Custom Tension Fabric Graphic Printing.

l  Easy to Set up & Install without Tools.

l  Portable and Versatility.

l  Sturdy & Durable.

l  With Proper Maintenance, the Graphic Fade Resistance Can Last for Several Years.



Indoor & Outdoor Advertising, Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Fairs, Promotions, Weddings, Parties, Photo Booths, Press Conferences, Seminars, Stages, Concerts etc.


There are many advantages to attending a trade show. Whether it is to increase visibility or credibility-showing at trade show can provide you with a powerful platform to meet new potential customers. In some cases, you do participate in trade shows, which will show the industry that you are a reliable partner and brand. Purchase a custom trade booth for your next exhibition or event to promote your business.


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