Reflective Car Magnets

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The reflective car magnet perfect for mobile advertising, outdoor or indoor use. Our Signleader reflective car magnets are also used as eye-catching signs for driving at night. For example, pizza delivery, taxis, or other businesses that need more than standard signs are especially popular because they are very attractive! Reflective car magnets are made of 30mil Gloss Magnet and ·4 mil. Reflective Adhesive, and are digitally printed with high resolution 720 x 720. Print single side only. Waterproof and UV resistant, it can last for several years. Reflective car magnets have high visibility at night and there is almost no light scattering. The retroreflective film can reflect light in all directions so that your luminous car magnet can be seen from almost any angle when exposed to light.

Reflective magnets are attractive and durable during the day. What's more amazing at night is that they will reflect the light from other cars, lamp posts, and artificial light sources, so that your reflective car magnets will be paid attention to all the time, which will help increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Note: Before driving, be sure to demagnetize the magnet overnight. If you do not go through this process, the reflective magnetic truck signs may fall off.

Steps to Note Before Installing Magnetic Signs:

1. The reflective magnetic car signs will be delivered in the form of a foam roll

2. Reflective car magnet need to be straightened before use.

3. Please bend gently in the opposite direction

Reflective Car Magnet Sign Tips:

1. Disassembling and cleaning vehicles and magnetic signs regularly every week helps to avoid magnetic polarization on the surface of the vehicle under the magnetic signs.

2. It is recommended to remove, inspect, and clean the magnetic signs after each sudden heavy rain or snowfall event.

3. After cleaning, make sure to completely dry the magnetic car signs and the vehicle surface.

4. Do not drag the magnet to the surface of the car. If you need to reposition the reflective car magnet, pull a cornerback to remove it. This can protect the beauty of the vehicle.

5. Do not use magnetic car signs on rusty, trimmed, or deeply carved doors. These things will create air pockets, which prevents the magnetic plate from being completely connected to the metal. This may cause the reflective car magnet signs to fall off.

6. Do not trap water or sand between the magnet and the vehicle surface. This will not only create an air gap but also damage the finish of the vehicle.

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