This is telling us how to use our template to create a unique design quickly. Just six steps to complete it.

Step 1: Select a product and options then enter the online design tool.

Step 2: Select one of the templates.

Step 3: Edit the templates. 
a: Upload logo: Upload a logo in the logo area, use the move, resize and rotate functions to adjust the image until it is fit.
b: Upload a photo: Upload a photo, then double click to edit it if necessary.
c: Enter the slogan in the designated area; change font settings such as font color.
d: Enter the company name; change font settings such as italic.
e: Enter the telephone number; change font settings such as bold.
f: Enter the telephone number website; change font settings such as align left.
Now the front side artwork has been completed.

Step 4: Design the back side artwork if chosen a double-sided product.
a:Use the copy function to copy artwork from front side.
b:Use the mirror function to reproduce artwork from front side.
c: The difference between copy and mirror: 
For regular graphics like square and rectangle, copy and mirror are both recommended; please choose one of them according to your needs. Moreover, irregular graphics like feather flag and teardrop flag is often used mirror.

Step 5 Check for artwork:
a: Text size is legible, and color stands out against the background.
b: All the text and images are overlapping or too close to the margins.
c: All information is accurate and spelled correctly.
d: Use the zoom-in function gradually adjust to 300% to check images are clear and do not appear blurry.

Step 6: Previewed artwork and check out.

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